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April 27, 2020

You are a federal contractor. You already know that you need to become Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliant in order to do business with the Department of Defense. The problem is, you’re not sure how or even where to start. Good news: This is one of the many ways a managed security service provider like Rimstorm can help. We have years of experience with the DoD and the expertise required to understand complex government policies. We can help your organization with each level of CMMC compliance so that come inspection time, you’ll pass.

CMMC Needs to be Handled Now, but Don’t Panic.

CMMC framework and maturity levels were released on Jan. 30, 2020. The DoD will soon require defense contractors to be CMMC certified in order to be considered for a contract. The first Request for Proposals, or RFPs, to include these new requirements are expected to be issued in the third quarter of 2020. That doesn’t leave you a whole lot of time to prepare, but that also doesn’t mean you need to start panicking.

A Lot Goes Into CMMC, so You Can’t Put It Off Any Longer.

CMMC means large changes in compliance requirements facing DoD contractors and subcontractors that won’t be able to be implemented at the last minute. CMMC certification levels range from “Basic Cyber Hygiene” (Level 1) to “Advanced/Progressive” (Level 5). At a minimum, any company handling Controlled Unclassified Information will be required to meet the requirements of Level 3. To achieve Level 3, a government contractor must fulfill all 110 of the practices and/or controls specified in the NIST 800-171 standard, along with 20 additional practices.

If you are a DoD contractor — or subcontractor — and want to continue to do business with the Department of Defense, you must adapt now. So, while panicking will do you no good, you obviously can’t wait on this, either.

Rimstorm Can Take CMMC Worries off Your Plate.

Struggling With the CMMC Compliance Crunch? An MSSP Can Be Essential in ThisHow can you prepare for these certification requirements? A managed security service provider can take a whole lot off your plate, and that’s where we come in. Rimstorm can help you prepare for your CMMC audit in a number of ways.

One important first step is a gap analysis through our CMMC Cybersecurity Review. We will identify deficiencies and provide recommendations to obtain the desired level of certification. We will detail all gaps in your processes and/or controls required to achieve CMMC certification. This report will also make recommendations on how to correct these deficiencies. If desired, we can also help fill in the gaps through managed security services and other cybersecurity services.

CMMC compliance is definitely not something you want to put off. We understand how overwhelming it can seem, and we also recognize that you would rather be focusing on the primary aims of your organization. But it needs to be done if your organization is to continue doing business. Let us help you get this out of the way so you can focus on that which is most important to you, while simultaneously taking a strong security posture.