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December 7, 2020

How familiar are you with endpoint security? It’s by far one of the more critical areas to address when it comes to protecting your organization from outside harm. In today’s blog, we’ll be giving a basic overview of endpoint security and sharing how Rimstorm can ensure you’re completely protected.

What is endpoint security?

When we talk about endpoint security, what we’re actually referring to is end-user devices such as mobile devices, laptops and desktop PCs. It’s important to note however, that hardware such as servers in a data center are also considered “endpoints.” Definitions of endpoints may vary with who you ask, but in a nutshell, endpoint security addresses all risks presented by devices connecting to an enterprise network. As such, endpoint security is perhaps the most critical component of vulnerability management.

Why is endpoint security important?

Whenever you hear “endpoint security,” what we’re really talking about are cybersecurity practices that are both fundamental and essential. Remember: “Endpoints” are basically anything your organization uses to connect to the outside world. Any such device provides an entry point and attack vector for malicious actors. Every endpoint connecting to a network needs to be secured, so that entry attempts from the outside can be blocked. The need for much higher degrees of endpoint security is growing exponentially as more organizations adopt remote work practices.

What is endpoint detection and response?

Traditional antivirus endpoint solutions are simply inadequate for today’s security challenges. Rimstorm’s Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) service leverages award-winning technology to provide next-generation antivirus (NGAV), clear alerts with prioritization of potential threats, and protection from known and unknown attacks, including malware, fileless attacks and ransomware. All endpoint service events can also be immediately sent to our cloud-based SIEM for real-time analysis.

What is endpoint lockdown?

The Fundamentals of Endpoint SecurityCritical endpoints demand the greatest protection. Sadly, however, this is often not the case. Rimstorm’s Endpoint Lockdown service is the solution to this problem. For critical endpoints, including servers, executive laptops and financial assets, our service will prevent unwanted changes and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory information. Only trusted and approved software is allowed to execute on an organization’s critical systems and endpoints. Our service combines application whitelisting, file integrity monitoring, full-featured device control and memory/tamper protection into a single agent. Organizations can now harden their new and legacy systems against all unwanted change, simplify the compliance process, and provide the best possible protection for systems at enterprise scale.

Rimstorm’s Endpoint Security combines an award-winning, comprehensive endpoint protection platform with seasoned, knowledgeable security professionals. Ready to see how Rimstorm’s Endpoint Security can help you reduce risks, pass audits, and enhance your security posture? Contact us now for a free evaluation and price quote.