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August 12, 2020

Even before COVID-19, many businesses were in fact already making transitions to allow for more workers to do their work from home without needing to come to the office each day. These changes were slow, but they were happening. But then of course, when the pandemic started, everyone needed to adopt this new policy — and quickly. Many couldn’t keep up.

Those who could were the ones who had outside help from robust IT teams who were versatile and could assist organizations with migrating to more flexible environments such as an all-encompassing cloud solution.

What is an MSSP?

Not to be confused with an MSP vendor, which is generally focused on more traditional IT platforms, a managed security services provider takes the burden of maintaining and managing a company’s overall cybersecurity program off your company’s IT team. But this doesn’t mean your IT team is out of a job. Instead, it allows them to focus on additional important tasks. This is essential for growing and maintaining your organization — even during an emergency. Whether you have an in-house IT team, an MSP vendor or both, you still come across significant challenges when it comes to your network security. And that’s where an MSSP comes in.

IT, MSP and MSSP cover all the gaps — together.

An MSSP protects your organization 24/7. They have the tedious work of managing and monitoring hundreds if not thousands of security incidents and events a day. This frees up IT and MSP tremendously. An IT director can rest easy, knowing that security is taken care of. And with the right vendor, there’s no disruption to your current security posture. Executives receive reports with more visibility into their network. Meanwhile, MSPs have specialized infrastructure, human resources and industry certifications, and they provide 24/7 monitoring and provisioning of additional services for their customers.

Where does Rimstorm come in?

While actually an MSSP, Rimstorm does in fact provide MSP services as well. Rimstorm is very focused on security, but at the same time can provide traditional IT services in a secure manner. Our focus is on significantly improving the security of your data using award-winning, state-of-the-art technology combined with cyber managed security services. We also accomplish this mission in an affordable, non-intrusive manner, leveraging the expertise and commitment of our security professionals.

As organizations continue to face an ever-growing landscape of security threats that are becoming more targeted and malicious in nature, it’s important to have visibility into how their systems are being used and by whom. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the tools, time or staff expertise to deal with the evolving threat landscape and increased sophistication of attack techniques. By partnering with Rimstorm, organizations can leverage best practices to improve their network security while reducing staffing requirements and ultimately lowering costs.

So, if you just need MSSP services, we have you covered. If you’d like a full-service MSP with a strong security focus, we also have you covered. You don’t need to engage two organizations if you don’t want to. We will free up your IT staff so they can focus on the things that actually matter to you — like growing your business. By working together, we can handle any emergency that comes up. And with more organizations being required to shift their focus toward flexibility, that’s precisely what our services afford you.