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May 26, 2021

Thanks to limited budgets, competing priorities, and legacy systems, maintaining your cybersecurity can be difficult even in the best of times. And lately, times have been challenging for many, limiting the ability to focus on this key aspect of business. As a result, the Department of Defense mandates that a robust cybersecurity must be fully implemented and maintained. Businesses of all sizes who do not comply with the items outlined within the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) will soon not be able to perform under defense contracts.

The good news is, Rimstorm can help you meet these requirements by performing a CMMC cybersecurity review. During reviews, Rimstorm identifies compliance gaps and provides recommendations for obtaining the desired level of certification.

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis

A gap analysis helps determine the steps required to reach your ideal cybersecurity posture. In doing so, we can discover security weaknesses in your IT setup before they are exploited by a malicious third party. A proper cybersecurity gap analysis takes a holistic view of your overall cybersecurity posture and maps it against industry best practice. We provide an objective assessment of your current cybersecurity risks. Once we’ve identified where gaps lie, we provide specific advice and project ideas for moving your business forward.

NIST 800-171 Implementation

NIST has created thousands of standards and special publications, including NIST SP 800-171, which defines how to protect and distribute Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) made or possessed by non-federal entities. Anyone who processes, stores or transmits CUI for the Department of Defense, General Services Administration (GSA), NASA, and other federal and state agencies, including contractors, must meet the standards outlined in 800-171. Rimstorm can identify where you are lacking within these standards and then help you meet them.

Developing a System Security Plan

A System Security Plan, or SSP, is a document that defines the security measures that have been or will be soon put in place to limit access to authorized users, as well as to train managers, users and systems administrators in the secure use of the system. It includes details of processes for auditing and maintaining the system, in addition to information about how you plan to respond to security incidents that occur on the network. An SSP is a comprehensive summary of all security practices and policies that will help keep DoD data secure if the contractor is awarded a contract. Rimstorm will do the legwork and develop this security plan for you.

Preparing for a CMMC Audit

You’re Required to Work Cybersecurity Into Your Budget. Here’s How Rimstorm Can Help.Not only can Rimstorm help you prepare for a CMMC assessment, but we ourselves are actually an assessment organization (C3PAO) with the CMMC Accreditation Body. We understand exactly what is required to achieve CMMC certification. We’re experts on the subject, and we’ll make sure you meet all the required standards. This is an invaluable service for government contractors.

Most organizations don’t have the tools, time or staff expertise to deal with the evolving threat landscape and increased sophistication of attack techniques. By partnering with Rimstorm, organizations can leverage best practices to improve their network security while reducing staffing requirements and ultimately lowering costs.